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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

After a shooting in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon left a rapper named Young Dolph in critical condition, investigators detained one man and are continuing to search for two people possibly involved in the shooting, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials.

The shooting happened in the valet parking area of the Loews Hollywood Hotel at the popular Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex, according to a police captain on scene who identified the victim as Young Dolph.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Telugu cinema’s latest success this year is Jr. NTR’s ‘Jai Lava Kusa’, which is on its way to join the ranks of blockbusters like ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ and ‘Arjun Reddy’

Telugu superstar Jr. NTR’s Friday release, Jai Lava Kusa has upped the ante for the already booming fortunes of Telugu cinema. The film that made about Rs70 crore in domestic box office collections over its opening weekend, is on its way to join the ranks of blockbusters like Baahubali 2: The ConclusionArjun ReddyKhaidi No. 150Nenu LocalSathamanam Bhavati and Gautamiputra Satakarni, all of which released this year.

“This is truly one of the best years for Telugu cinema in recent times,” confirmed Atul Mohan, editor of trade magazine Complete Cinema.

To be sure, the movies offer a mix of content. While Baahubali has emerged as the nation’s favourite mythological re-telling, Arjun Reddyis a modern-day adaptation of Devdas about a lover who drinks himself to self-destruction. Jai Lava Kusa on the other hand, sees Jr. NTR play three identical siblings in a typical lost-and-found tale.

The one major factor contributing to the success of Telugu cinema, trade experts say, is the overseas market, particularly the US.

“As far as Indian films in the US are concerned, Bollywood has been taken over by Telugu cinema,” said independent trade analyst Sreedhar Pillai. “The US makes up 80-90% of the overseas market anyway and the large Telugu-speaking population in states like California contributes to the success and popularity of these films.”

Earlier this year, big-ticket Bollywood films like Salman Khan’s Tubelight and Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal only managed $ 926,816 (Rs6.03 crore) and $ 1,279,586 (Rs8.33 crore) over their opening weekends in the US respectively, figures that barely justify their stronghold in the territory.

While Jai Lava Kusa had collected $1,282,691 (Rs8.31 crore) in the US at last count, family drama Sathamanam Bhavati, Chiranjeevi-starrer Khaidi No.150 and epic historical action film Gautamiputra Satakarni earned $653,664 (Rs4.45 crore), $2,361,969 (Rs16.08 crore) and $1,571,487 (Rs10.70 crore), respectively, within two weeks in the country.

But even in the domestic market, Telugu movies have made a mark.

Further, Pillai said the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh-Telangana regions has meant more shows for these films.

“Production budgets in the Telugu industry are extremely controlled,” Mohan pointed out. “There are fixed publicity spends, television promotions are not massive and the buzz around a film, at least on social media, is taken care of by the fan clubs that worship cinema and make sure their star is watched aggressively.”


27 सितम्बर, 2017 बुधवार आश्विन शुक्ल तिथि सप्तमी (सायं 7.09 तक)


विक्रमी सम्वत् : 2074, आश्विन प्रविष्टे: 12, राष्ट्रीय शक सम्वत्: 1939, दिनांक: 5 (आश्विन), हिजरी साल: 1439, महीना: मुहर्रम, तारीख: 6, सूर्योदय: 6.23 बजे, सूर्यास्त: 6.14 बजे (जालंधर समय), नक्षत्र: ज्येष्ठा (प्रात: 9.57 तक), योग: आयुष्मान (प्रात: 9.39 तक), चंद्रमा प्रात: 9.57 तक वृश्चिक राशि पर तथा उसके बाद धनु राशि पर प्रवेश करेगा, प्रात: 9.57 तक जन्मे बच्चे को ज्येष्ठा नक्षत्र की तथा उसके बाद मूला नक्षत्र की पूजा लगेगी। पर्व, दिवस तथा त्यौहार : सरस्वती आह्वान, भद्रकाली अवतार, विश्व पर्यटन दिवस। दिशा शूल: उत्तर एवं वायव्य दिशा के लिए। राहू काल: दोपहर 12.00 से 01.30 बजे तक।

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