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Miscellaneous Surgeries

Normal skin looses its texture and tone with age and exposure to sun, wind and other elements of nature. The quality and color of facial skin can be preserved and improved using "The Cream Programme ". It is very effective in correcting pigmentation problems, acne marks, superficial marks, wrinkles and reversing early signs of aging . In fact, everyone should undertake this Programme to have glossier healthier skin and a fresher brighter look.

There are many women who have enlarged ear holes and some have split ear lobes. The enlarged ear holes are due to wearing heavy ear-rings for a long time. The split ear lobe is due to the ear-ring accidentally pulling through the ear lobe. Repair of such defects is done under local anesthesia as an out patient. The stitches are removed after 7 to 10 days.


Some moles of the face give an unacceptable appearance, even with make up. Moles can be raised or flat. Apart from cosmetic disfigurement, some moles have to be removed too for medical reasons. This surgery is usually done as an outpatient under local anesthesia. Some superficial moles can be removed by Radio-Frequency without any significant scars.

White area's or spots of the skin can occur without any reason or after an injury or burns. These areas can be camouflaged by tattooing them with skin colored pigments.They can be corrected permanently by very thin split skin grafting & making the area raw or by punch grafting. This procedure is done under local or general anesthesia as an out patient without any stay at the hospital. Sometimes the patient may require more than one sitting to get a satisfactory result. Tattooing or grafting is not done until the white spots are stable and fixed inside. The color of the tattoo may gradually fade with time, but this can be corrected by adding some pigment in the lesion later.

When the skin continuity is broken by a cut , surgery or injury , the body forms scar tissues to unite the cut ends. The amount of scarring depends on the persons age, heredity factors, race, and the type, direction, depth, size and location of the wound. When a scar is removed a new scar is formed by the body in its place. Thus a scar cannot be removed - it can only be revised. By surgery, many scars can be improved upon in their appearance , or the amount of scar reduced, or disfigurement minimized. Scar correction operation is not undertaken until the original scars have fully matured which is usually six months after the first operation. There are rare exceptions to this rule. There are also scars that cannot be improved upon by surgery. Most scar revision procedures are done under local or general anesthesia and do not require hospitalization.

Almost like sanding wood to smoothen it, the skin can be smoothened and sanded down by a procedure know as dermabrasion. This procedure is used to improve upon the multiple scars of the face from small pox, chicken pox, or acne (pimples). The procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia.

This can be done to pin back the protruding ears commonly known as bat ears. It is done under local or general anesthesia and usually does not require any hospital stay.

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