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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ashley Judd Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Ashley Judd Filled Her Face?
Actress Ashley Judd, an American actress, model and philanthropist, is no stranger to the performing arts.
Growing up the daughter of Naomi Judd, and the sister of Wynona, Ashley found her niche and she’s been acting for more than 20 years.

However, whether she’s on screen in a murder mystery or on the news for global humanitarian endeavors, Judd has been famed for her natural looks that have withstood Hollywood temptations. Or at least that was true until recently, according to the Daily Mail.
Ashley Judd plastic surgery? (image hosted by
When she recently appeared on a Canadian show to promote her new television show, “Missing,” Judd’s cheeks looked round and full; which was odd since her figure hasn’t gained weight or softened at all.

Ashley’s ‘Pillow Face’?

In fact she’s developed what is commonly called a “pillow face,” according to the Daily Mail, and it is often caused by celebrities that over-use facial fillers so that rather than looking young and healthy they develop a roundness of face that’s exaggerated and in some cases comical.
Ashley Judd before and after (image hosted by
Leah Miller, it has to be said, has adopted a similar look.  Whether it’s an example of the worst surgery is a matter of debate.
And it appears that Ashley Judd’s face, once slender and naturally beautiful, has been over-sculpted.  Other stars such as Jane Fonda, for example, have faired considerably better.
The change has most definitely been noticed by fans and viewers of the Daily Mail’s story alike, with the comments section full of bewildered people wondering what’s happened to one of their favorite actress’s face.
In her 40s, it appears at a glance that Judd fell victim to trying to reclaim her youth.
But as many other actresses in Hollywood have opined, what’s wrong with becoming an older version of the attractive person that you already were? Meryl Streep has very firmly come out and stated this view.
The response of course might be that it limits your career and makes it harder to maintain star power in the face of the coming generation.
Or it might be that some people would prefer to remain younger and healthier looking… and sometimes the celebrity surgery just doesn’t pan out.

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