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Sunday, January 20, 2013

bad celebrity plastic surgery 2012

While it’s no surprise that many celebrities have a few nips, tucks and enhancements to their bodies sometimes it can be difficult to tell unless you have visual proof. Check out these before and after pictures to see clear evidence of celebrities that went under the knife.

celebrities famous for plastic surgery::

Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with a little nip and a little tuck here and there…
But that's only if you do it RIGHT!!!!!
Check out our list of celebs who've went under the knife and look just as good as before!

celebrity plastic surgery before and after 2012

madonna plastic surgery 2012

plastic surgery match 2012

plastic surgery gone wrong 2012

plastic surgery gone wrong photos

Most people in Hollywood—arguably the most image-conscious place on the planet—have reportedly had some nips and tucks. Even icons like Marilyn Monroe reportedly had a little work done.

But some stars have taken going under the knife way to the extreme and the results aren't pretty.
These 17 celebrities paid up to $1 million dollars for puffy lips and stretched-out faces. We found some compilation videos on YouTube that showcase the worst of the worst.
There's one model who's so puffy from Botox you'll barely recognize her. Plus, a rock star who barely looks human.
plastic surgery fails
Daryl Hannah made a "Splash" in the 80s, but today is better known for her changing looks.
Most people in Hollywood
Julia Roberts
1Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Tori Amos
2Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Bruce Jenner
3Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Ali Lohan
4Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Heidi Montag
5Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
6Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Scarlett Johansson
7Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Hilary Duff
8Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Mariah Carey
9Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before & After
Nicki Minaj
Janice Dickinson
Heather Locklear
Gwyneth Paltrow
Serena Williams

celebrities who regret plastic surgery

he Duchess of Alba, who is Spanish royalty, has reportedly had repeated Botox injections. In 2011, the 57-year-old married a man 24 years her junior.

Reality star Heidi Montag, 25, had 10 procedures in one day, including a facelift and nose job. She now says she regrets the procedures.

Former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand's lip injections have totally changed the appearance of her face.

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